October 25, 2015

Maybelline Baby Lips - Candy Wow

Hello everyone, happy weekend!
it's been a while but I'm finally back and able to do another new blog post  :D

Today its gonna be a quick review about Maybelline Baby Lips - Candy Wow 
I saw this products on @maybelline (Indonesia) Instagram and immediatelly interested with its cute packaging and their cute range of colors <3 <3 

I got 3 shades ( out of 5 shades available)
- Mixed Berry 
- Peach
- Raspberry




The formula of this candy wow is similar with the regular baby lips colors.
its so moisturizing and good for dry lips. it doesnt feel like wax, it glides smoothly and give a glossy finish on lips.
I also find it quite waterproof too. T he colour doesn't 100% totally gone (as long as i dont rub it like crazy).
Each of them has a weet scent similar to its name. the raspberry smells like raspberry <3

The pigmentation itself is not bad!
For Mixed berry &  Raspberry, I just need 1 swipe and the color shows up nicely on my lip
for peach though, it doesn't really shows up and i need to swipe it few times to make the color shows up on my lips.

I must say the staying power wasn't super great (they dont claim it to be long wearing though :D )
i do have to reapply this after a heavy meal.

Overall this is a good and cute product from maybelline and if we are lazy to do full makeup routine nut need some color to brighten up the face, this baby lips candy wow would be perfect!

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  1. very nice review, encouraged me to buy them for the on the go visits :)

  2. check my blog for reviews as well :)


  3. nice review. i find it really similar formulation and color to the old baby lips :p


  4. i have this one in peach and orange. I love them too! thank you for sharing!

  5. these are adorable. I havent been into the baby lips products since their very first debut into Maybelline's line. They are nice, but nothing amazing to keep me wanting to buy each time they release a new version. Though I think they would make great little gifts for teens or tweens just getting into makeup. :)

  6. These look so perfect for me and I would love to try them myself xxx

  7. I was just thinking of buying these the other day ~ Would love to try Peach and Raspberry!


  8. These look so cute - especially the raspberry one!!


  9. I have it, and love it so much!

  10. These look like bigger versions of the lip balms ive seen the wife has.

  11. i still haven't tried the baby lips range. maybe on pay day haha

  12. What's your recommendation about best color for dark lips? :)


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