August 03, 2015

Haul - featuring TWL Cosmetics

hello everyone!
Today is a little bit boring sunday, a lazy kinda sunday, so i thought hey lets just write a blog post!
Some of you may / may not notice that this is my "first" blog post. Actually not. 
I accidentally deleted all my blog pictures so there's only left with words with no pictures, =.=""
So i decided to just forget it and delete everything and starts all over again, and also i made a new banner for this blog too! :D

for my "1st: post, lets share about beauty online shopping. Some of you may heard about TWL Online Shopping - Indonesian Cosmetic online shop, they bring out some of high end product & also lots of U.S drugstore products!
just for information, I bought Everything in this blog post from TWL using my own money, I'm not sponsored and they dont ask me to write this post too!

a few months ago, they have a bazar at a mall near my work place, i saw Too Faced eyeshadow & I'm so happy when i saw it!. I've always wanted to buy it but its not in Sephora yet!
Lovee the natural brown colours and it does smells like  chocolate, awesomee!

L.A Girl Neons Eyeshadow
Price wise, it's affordable. 
Color payoff wise: some are amazing, some are just ok.

City color!!
famous because they have lots of  dupe for high end lipsticks. 
This contour kit is interesting though. you get 4 colours concealers, 1 highlight, 1 bronzer and 1 contour cream for awesome affordable price <3

Another City Color product! 
Dupe of Urban Decay - naked 1 eyeshadow <3
This one has a smaller size compare to naked palette. 
I tried this palette during my last holiday and actually not really impressed with the staying power.
Not sure if it's just my feeling or it is really doesn't stay long even with eyeshadow primer, i might give this eyeshadow another try ~  Their Colors are awesome though <3

Thank you TWL for bringing products that are difficult to find in our local drugstore <3
Please bring moree unique, awesome quality & affordable products hehe :)

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  1. Eyeshadow City Color-nya menggiurkan! >.<
    Ditunggu review-nya yaaa :)

  2. Lagi cari nih DUpe urban decay. sayang ga long lasting ya ituu.

  3. Too Faced Chocolate bar is on my wish list since its released date. Lucky you to have it.

  4. Omg that too faced chocolate bar ,great haul ce
    Salam kenal

  5. That Contour and Correct palette looks amazing! I want it now!

  6. I've been longing to try City Color cosmetics. There blush Palettes in particular

  7. Wow the shades look pretty.. these brand are not available here. But I am keeping the Too Faced in my wishlist!

  8. the contour and correct looks really interesting! i want to try it

  9. I would love to try the chocolate bar palette! Heard that it smells like chocolate too! =)

  10. I'd love to try the chocolate palette, all of these look like great products too.

  11. the chocolate palette looks like all kinds of goodness.. I wish I wasn't so lazy in the make up department ..

  12. Love the chocolate palette. looks mesmerizing and perfect to get the smokey eye look.
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  13. Love the Neons palette! Looks something that I would love to own :)

  14. you have all the woman needs. it so tempting not to buy.
    it does really amazing beauty haul XD

  15. wooo nice colourrr...its so beautiful......interested to try!

  16. Some naked dupes hun? I hope you have a great time experimenting with your new palettes.

  17. Welcome to the blogging world!!
    I would really love to try the Too faced Chocolate Bar. At least it would not increase my calorie intake :P


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