August 16, 2015

City Color - Barely exposed eyeshadow palette review

Hello everyone, happy long weekend!
in my previous blog post i posted my newly bought eyeshadow palette and i promised to talk about it more and finally i got time to do blog post :D

it is the drugstore eyeshadow palette from city color called barely exposed.
it has similar color with the urban decay naked 1 eyeshadow palette so i thought hey why not try it. i didnt have the naked 1 palette so this is an awesome alternative.

The things that i love about this palette is that it's not chalky and its buttery.
The colours are so glittery but its so well pigmented and easy to blend and it stays for around 8 hours if you use eyeshadow primer. definitely need primer otherwise it will be gone within milliseconds wtf. I'm just joking but seriously though, u need primer for this eyeshadow.

it comes with dual ended brush , not the best brush but its helpful if you want to touch up and for
the packaging...  the packaging is so hard to open when i first got it!! But it will be so easy to open as time goes by. It's not bulky and i could put it easily on my makeup bag :D

photo credit: google image 

*swatches time*

and these is how 12 colors look like Under room light :

under natural light :

   the first 3 colors doesn't really show up on my hand >.<

  I bought this palette for around $10 ( it cost Rp 125.000,- at TWL website).
have some of you tried this palette? let me know :)

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  1. sepertinya kurang keliatan ya untuk warna coklatnya~
    Tapi murce sih ya wkk

  2. Love to find a Naked Dupe, but they don't always seem to work out.=( Great colors here for an alternative, but as you say MUST use primer!

  3. Everyone loves a Naked Dupe and this is pretty good x

  4. I love how close to the Naked palette these look in the pan, absolutely gorgeous. I dont think the pigmentation is quite there but for a cheaper alternative its not bad at all xxx

  5. Never heard of this brand, but it's always nice to find a cheaper alternative to UD!

  6. i haven't tried this palette but it definitely looks like an everyday eyeshadow palette to use

  7. What a lovely palette! :)

  8. I like the color selection in this palette and the packaging is so sleek :)

    Pink Frenzy

  9. This looks like a great dupe, I'd love to see some looks using it! You can't beat a good palette of nudes for versatility :)

    Jess xo

  10. Just heard about this... tape shadenya kurang keluar ya warnanya dibeberapa color...
    Anyway, thank you for sharing ^ ^

  11. Aku sempet pengen beli ini, karena dupenya Naked ya.. Tapi akhirnya beli CC yang smokey hehehhe

  12. iyaa, warnanya iini mirip naked :D yg CC smokey bagus? aku blm perna nyobain tuh

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